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TLA into the Future
This year has been a busy and productive planning time at TLA. With the Association's Strategic Plan for 2016 – 19 now approved, the Association is looking at great paths for members and libraries over the coming years. The Strategic Plan highlights areas for advocacy, continuing educations, and partnerships. The TLA Office will have a great opportunity to access the needs of the organization and its structure over the coming months.

Longtime TLA Director of Communications Gloria Meraz has accepted the position of Assistant State Librarian with the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC).

Meraz said: “I am just so grateful to be part of such an amazing group of people. I have been so honored to work with TLA - and I plan always to continue that bone-deep connection! I am also so honored to have the chance to support our diverse information communities and TSLAC. We are one community, and we will absolutely ALL ROCK and do wonderful work for the people we all serve!"

She will continue her work promoting libraries and will remain a committed member of the TLA family. Meraz began her work in advocacy 17 years ago and, alongside TLA Legislative Committees and TLA members, shaped a chapter in TLA's government relations program. With changes in the political environment and an increasing PR presence, TLA is poised to look at what the next years will bring.

TLA staff and members will work to continue TLA's advocacy and publications programs as discussions begin about revving up TLA to implement the Association's exciting new Strategic Plan.

Power Up at Your Library Day
The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, has declared Thursday, September 15, 2016 as “Power Up at Your Library Day," and we are inviting all Texas libraries to participate in this initiative to help promote technology, innovation, and creativity in their communities. This is an opportunity for school, academic, public, and special libraries to showcase their diverse range of programs and offerings, including activities supporting STEAM-based learning, business and entrepreneurship, workforce development, and much more.

To assist librarians throughout the state in this endeavor, TLA's PR and Marketing Committee is developing a toolkit of materials and resources that can be used for Power Up at Your Library Day. The contents of the toolkit will include: marketing and promotional tips; online resources; program ideas involving activities and celebrations focused on literacy, business, makerspaces, technology and innovation; and sample documents including a press release and survey. The toolkit will be ready by August and available on the Powered Libraries website. Librarians are encouraged to use the toolkit as inspiration to create their own programs and activities in celebration of Power Up at Your Library Day.

Other useful resources available to librarians can be found at as part of the wider “powered libraries" campaign, aimed at raising awareness about libraries and energizing the profession as a whole. Together, let's continue to push the envelope of our profession and collectively “Power Up" on Thursday, September 15th.

TLACast Newsletter
Volume 35 No. 4 | July 2016
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Phone: 512.328.1518 or 800.580.2852 | Email:
TLA Interns!
TLA is proud to unveil a new program designed to support library schools and mentor them as new TLA members. President Walter Betts established this program as a means to:
• Encourage participation in the association by student members
• Add to committee diversity by including new people entering the profession
• Provide a “face-to-face" educational experience for library students

The program will embed library science graduate students in select TLA committees, where they will meet librarians established in the field, learn about TLA's committee work, and assist with the committee's work over the coming year.

Eligibility requirements included enrollment in a graduate program (leading to either an MLS/MLIS degree or Texas School Librarian certification) at a Texas university, student membership in the Texas Library Association (either TLA membership or TLA/ALA joint membership), and no previous appointments as a TLA or ALA intern, or as a member of a TLA committee.

We congratulate the first group of TLA interns!
• Megan Irwin, UNT -- PR & Marketing
• Katherin Kus, TWU -- Legislative
• Jewell DeLeon, UHCL -- Disaster Relief
• Gina Watts, UT -- Professional Issues & Ethics
• Leslie Gerberman, SHSU -- Intellectual Freedom

“Watch with Your Colleagues" Advocacy Event
Well TLA members, you have asked for it, and we are delivering! TLA members will now have access to online training that is designed to be experienced with colleagues. Modeling the strategies that helped build comradery in face-to-face advocacy training, this new webinar series will allow for interactive discussion and practice with your colleagues participating in the webinar. This non-pressure environment will allow individuals to learn and practice, benefiting by the expertise of the presenters and the comfort of working within their own network of friends.

In other words, ask the people you want to work with your advocacy activities and watch the webinars together. Can you say pizza and advocacy training? We encourage you to make this event fun! The experience will provide you with training, resources, and the all-important framework to practice and set a strategy in motion.

The goal of this training is to equip librarians and library supporters to be confident and prepared advocates at the state and local level. We want people to come through this series feeling excited about planning and conducting their own advocacy activities, especially visits with decision makers.

The advocacy series will begin and end with training (and hands-on type instruction) geared for all types of libraries. The rest of the series will be broken down by library types to help participants get grounding on how to apply the advocacy protocols within their own settings. So, participants should plan on joining three to four webinars.

Doable Action: Advocacy Straight Up (Tentative List)
1. All librarians/library types/stakeholders: Advocacy Groundwork

A. Planning out favorable opportunities (deals with advocacy process, timetable, events)
B. Building blocks: identifying key action areas (budget, policy, activities) to promote; ready information (one-pager, a great letter, key stats, elevator speech)

2. School Libraries: Rallying supporters and empowering friends
3. School Libraries: Reaching and talking with local decision makers
4. Public Libraries: Rallying supporters and empowering friends
5. Public Libraries: Reaching and talking with local decision makers
6. Academic Libraries: Working within the Academy and the community of students and colleagues to deliver your message
7. All audiences: State Advocacy for librarians: Clearing the hurdles and Having a successful meeting

The series will begin in late summer and run through the fall. Check the TLA website for final dates and speaker information.