Download and present your DialedIn created interactive and multimedia sales tools, presentations, brochures, video & PDF libraries and microsites on your iPad and iPhone. This content can then be used without connectivity and/or bandwidth lags.

Key benefits for users of the DialedIn

iPad and iPhone apps include:

  • Pull up downloaded content instantly, anywhere and anytime, with or without connectivity


  • Usability is simple and fast enabling agile presenting of various materials


  • Easy search for cloud-based as well as already downloaded local content


  • Content can incorporate video, images, slideshows, audio, documents (Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF) and other media and functionalities


  • Customized interactive navigation enables the creation of impactful face-to-face sales tools as well as linear presentations and hybrid brochure formats


  • Use an HDMI or VGA adapter for your iPad or iPhone to project onto a large screen


  • App users will be alerted to updates to the cloud-based content and can sync their local versions with connectivity


  • Access your DialedIn cloud account via a button in the app and send content externally through email and email links. Analytics are generated for monitoring effectiveness


  • SSL security encryption protects user’s app communication flows


  • Help phone number and email assistance

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