The Letter Q

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“A veritable who's-who of the LGBT creative world.”


starred review


“A thoughtful, humorous,

moving collection.

Read together, the letters become

a powerful refrain.”



“This book might be

a life saver...

and could function as an author list,

as well, for teens wanting to read

more about People Like Us.”


9780545399326 | $17.99 | May 2012

LaShonda Katrice Barnett

Marion Dane Bauer

Lucy Jane Bledsoe

Amy Bloom

Anne Bogart

Paige Braddock

Melanie Braverman

Nick Burd

Jennifer Camper

Bill Clegg

Bruce Coville

Howard Cruse

Michael Cunningham

Ray Daniels

Benoit Denizet-Lewis

Stacey D'Erasmo

Carole DeSanti

Diane DiMassa

Michael DiMotta

Mayra Lazara Dole

Colman Domingo

Larry Duplechan

David Ebershoff

Paula Gilovich

Jewelle Gomez

Brent Hartinger

Adam Haslett

Randall Kenan

Lucy Knisley

David Leavitt

James Lecesne

Arthur Levine

David Levithan

Ali Liebegott

Malinda Lo

Gregory Maguire

Jaye Maiman

Armistead Maupin

Richard McCann

J. D. McClatchy

Terrence McNally

Erika Moen

Sarah Moon

Martin Moran

Eileen Myles

Michael Nava

Jasika Nicole

Eric Orner

Erik Orrantia

Julie Anne Peters

Christopher Rice

Paul Rudnick

Rakesh Satyal

Brian Selznick

Carter Sickels

Susan Stinson

Lucy Thurber

Tony Valenzuela

Maurice Vellekoop

Linda Villarosa

Marc Wolf

Jacqueline Woodson

Bil Wright

Doug Wright



Life-saving letters from a glittering list of authors.


This book was conceived as part of the response to a spate of suicides among LGBTQ youth that revealed how vulnerable and isolated these teens often still are. The popularity of the "It Gets Better" You-Tube campaign shows how badly needed are messages that tell LGBTQ teenagers that they will be ok if they just hang on.


The Letter Q takes this one step further by moving beyond the simple platitude of "it gets better" to tell a deeper and more personal story for each of its contributors. Each letter is like a tightly focused biography, where the writer reveals an aspect of his or herself that speaks to the heart of what's important to LGBTQ teens.


This is a book that should be available to every LGBTQ kid coming of age today, and fans of this stellar list of authors.